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Roof | 2017

Camera: Canon EOS 60D | Black & white photography with 800ISO


This project is an attempt to see different roofs from a bird's view. All of these photos were taken from a bird's view, and while they look very simple and uncluttered, each one on its own can look like an abstract painting and find an independent identity of a roof.

To photograph this collection, I chose different roofs, and for three weeks at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, when the sun was at its brightest, I would go to the top of different rooftops and photograph rooftops that, apart from individual identity, they themselves, which were supposed to be just roofs, had a different texture and concept and looked like a painting. I chose black and white color for this collection because I thought it was the best way to portray the concept I want to show the audience.

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