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Theatre Poster | 2017


In 2017, one of the leading actors in Iranian theater and cinema, who is also a friend of mine, Saber Abar, asked me to design a simple poster for the theater he was directing, without any additional details, on which the name of the theater would shine very directly.

Considering that all the trainees in his theater class performed in this play, I designed two posters for them a month and a half apart.

To design, I used the famous lighting element, which is located next to the stage of old theaters and still next to the make-up mirrors. With those lights, I wrote the word theater, and in the empty spaces, other typographic and light information was added.

Gaze Movie Poster | 2015


In 2015, I designed this poster. Considering the title of the film and its subject, which was about the main role's gaze, I used the image of one of the scenes in the film, in which a red light fell on the face and gaze of the woman.

I typed the title of the movie in a large format on the poster and left the rest of the information at the bottom.

Gohar Movie Poster | 2014


In 2014, a documentary was made about the life of an Iranian actress named Gohar Khairandish, and I was asked to design a poster for this film. To design this poster, I used one of the final photos of the film and divided it in two, and in the space between the two, the names of all the film collaborators and the information of the film were placed.

The film with its poster is now available on IMDB.

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