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Nadastan Magazine | 2019


Nadastan (Nonfiction) is a literary form that is rooted in reality. They are documentary narratives such as biographies, travelogues, etc. that are linked to everyday events and are more interesting to many than the story. They are about experiences that are narrated with storytelling techniques but are clear and bold because they are real.

In the past, a writer and an artist were considered to have a high degree of imagination; One that can create pristine and attractive images for the audience and get as far away from reality as possible. But these days, few writers can be found who did not write ignorantly and did not come into direct contact with reality.

Nadastan Magazine is a literary monthly magazine that revolves around the things of our lives today and shows it again from the perspective of literature. Nadastan is the pure literature that purifies everything, the literature that makes us more tolerant versions of life.

Nadastan is also a place for reflection, where you can stand and look at distant perspectives, or stand and look at something that is so familiar that we will not see it again. It is the beauty of this world in a static moment, a moment of short pause between daily routines. In each volume, it deals with a real everyday issue.

What are the sections of Nadastan? Biography, the first section of the magazine, is a slice of the life and concerns writers in first-person narration. A format that is called Memoir in English and a long memoir with a slice of the author's life based on a specific theme called "biography".

Due to the general theme of the magazine and its division into 4 sections, for each section separately, I considered separate colors, and also in the layout of the whole magazine, the whole concept is well distributed and implemented.

I have been the art director of Nadastan Magazine since 2019, and Nadastan is currently one of the best-selling independent magazines in Iran.

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