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Cookie Box Pastry Packaging | 2012


In the old days, pastries were sold in kilograms in Iran. In 2012, an American-style pastry shop was opened in Tehran to create a culture of single purchases, which differed in the shape and form of the pastry and the style of sale.

According to the client's briefing, I was asked to make this brand look American and impressive. Besides, it should be designed so that if customers have a cookie box in their hand, it can be distinguished easily from other competitors.

To advance this idea, I used red in the design of all the items and added white dots to make it more noticeable. As a result, the simplicity of the pattern I created created a very impressive visual identity.

Using these dots, all packaging and office sets as well as cookie labels, posters, and advertisements, were designed.

The Cookie Box Pastry Shop now has 3 branches in Tehran and continues its activity.

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