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Childhood | 2015

Camera: Canon PowerShot Pro 1

Negatives: Kodak ColorPlus 200 35mm


Nostalgia has always been an inseparable part of human life, and it is born with him from childhood and is with him as a time machine; it is as if it is the countdown of life. From an age onwards, our lives become just the opposite of childhood. Childhood is the only time without memories and we are really living. The common memory of all human beings is perhaps childhood. Childhood is really the oldest nostalgia, to show this concept and idea, I started taking photos of my childhood negatives. This collection is a tour of the ups and downs of my childhood and the negatives of that time; the negatives that today themselves are part of the same collective memory. To make this collection, I went to the old negatives. I placed the negatives on a light table and photographed them macro.

Mar. 2010

Elected in Tassvir Photography Festival & Received Appreciation in U25 Youth Category, Tehran, Iran

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