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Kababchi Restaurant | 2018


To design this billboard, I used all the food that this restaurant made.

I put all the food on a page, left a place for layout, my advertising slogan, and writings, and then took the photo.

After editing the photo, I placed all the texts in the middle of the page.

Cheetoz Brand Billboard | 2018


Due to the popularity of the Cheetoz monkey character in Iran, I decided to use the monkey while riding a motorcycle for the branding campaign. The name of the product at the bottom of this billboard is Cyclist Cheetoz. I placed the Cheetoz monkey character on the billboard as it passed quickly and happily, and placed the billboard slogan and logo on it. This billboard was very impressive in the black and white atmosphere of a crowded city like Tehran.

Cheetoz Kettle Chips Billboard | 2018


In 2018, the Cheetoz brand decided to design a billboard to display its Kettle Chips product.

Considering how to make Kettle Chips, in which potato slices become chips in the presence of air and after heating by oil, I designed sliced ​​potatoes with their flavors.

On the right side of the billboard, all the flavors of Cheetoz Kettle Chips were placed, and in front of that slogan, and above all, the Cheetoz brand logo was placed.

Cheetoz Happy New Year's Billboard | 2017


The Cheetoz brand had ordered a billboard design for the New Year greeting. Considering that year was the year of the dog in astrology, I decided that the Cheetoz monkey would sit on the number 97 and the dog below the number would be looking at the Cheetoz monkey.

This billboard was displayed with the slogan "Happy New Year".

Cheetoz Brand Billboard | 2017


In 2017, I decided to use the Instagram Like icon to design the Cheetoz brand billboard and wrote the Always Desirable slogan on it, due to the trend of likes and the heart sign of Instagram, as well as the launch of the Cheetoz Instagram page. The main character of Cheetoz, which is a monkey, was in the middle of the heart image and looked at the audience with a smile.

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